We Have Solutions for Your Industry!

We Have Solutions for Your Industry!

How Can We Help You?

  • Automotive

    Polytron additives, grease and penetrating lubricants lower engine operating temperature, reduce fuel and oil consumption and extend time between oil changes 300-600%. Fuel injectors and fuel pumps last 100% longer. Engine wear is reduced in even the most severe conditions. Exhaust pollutants are cut by up to 60%. Engines are even protected for a period in the event of lubricant loss. Downtime is reduced.

  • Marine

    High-displacement marine engines and gearboxes run cooler and with NO carbon deposits while reducing pollutant exhaust by 40%, saving on air quality and venting costs. Fuel efficiency improves and time between oil changes increases 300-600%. Downtime and parts replacement costs go down. Electric motor bearings, transmission and differentials run cooler, safer and longer.

  • Rail

    Polytron Grease and penetrating lubricants are perfect for contact areas between wheel flanges and tracks using automatic rail curve lubricators, as well as all sliding and rubbing surfaces. Engines add power with Polytron TMC that keeps fuel injectors and pumps clean in both low- and high-sulfur diesel fuel, reducing smoke and pollutants by up to 50%. Save fuel and extend the life of oil fluids while reducing wear and extending parts life.

  • Manufacturing

    Reduce fuel consumption and exhaust pollutants while keeping engines temperatures cool and injectors and fuel pumps carbon-free. Meets Cincinnati Milacron specs for way lubricants in many types of machine tools, including those with high loads, and as an additive to metalworking oils.

  • Agricultural

    Recommended for Caterpillar and Allison transmissions and as a tractor hydraulic fluid additive for John Deere, Ford New Holland, Case and more. Keeps injectors and fuel pumps clean, extending life and reducing fuel use. Grease and lubricants are perfect for electric motor bearings, all ball and U joints, roller bearings on tracked vehicles (Caterpillar, Navistar recommended) and conveyer bearings.

  • Construction

    Engines run cooler and cleaner with reduced wear, extending service life by as much as 600%. Exhaust pollutants are cut by 40-60%. Recommended for heavy-duty use by Caterpillar, Allison, Case and other manufacturers. Grease and penetrating lubricants reduce wear in all ball and U joints in bulldozers, scrapers, loaders and more. Perfect for enclosed gear boxes, chain drives, two-cycle engines and conveyors. Engines and motors are protected for a limited in the event of lubricant loss.

  • Mining

    Reduce operating costs, maintenance and downtime for drills and drill masters, generators, compressors, excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks, pumps, graders and conveyors. Polytron products reduce wear and lower engine temperatures in the most extreme conditions. Lubricants keep high-speed gears, chains drives, open and closed gearboxes operating in dust, heat, mud and cold. Perfect for shovel dipsticks and draglines.

  • Oil and Gas

    From 400 to 3000hp drilling engines to the motors that keep everything running, Polytron additives and lubricants improve efficiency and reduce costs. Polytron MTC fuel and fluid additives reduce emissions up to 60%, keep engine parts carbon-free, slash fuel consumption, reduce operating temperatures and maintenance. Our grease and penetrating lubricants keep motors cool and reduce wear in the most extreme conditions.

  • Military

    Fuel, oil and transmission additives reduce downtime, noise and exhaust pollutants while extending engine and parts life. Time between oil changes is extended by 300-600%. Injectors and pumps run cleaner and require less maintenance. Grease and lubricants work on all tracked vehicle roller bearings, closed- and open-box gearboxes and motors and all surfaces subject to sliding, vibration, or oscillation.

Why choose Polytron

  • Eliminate friction and wear (up to 95%)
  • Increase service life of equipment (by up to 600%)
  • Increase service life of oil (by up to 400%)
  • Reduce fuel and oil consumption
  • Keep equipment parts clean at all times
  • Facilitate complete clean-up of engine and equipment from sludge and varnish
  • Protect equipment in a wider range of temperatures and harsh working conditions (like dust or moisture)
  • Lower the operating temperature of your equipment
  • Extend oil change intervals (by up to 600%)
  • Protect equipment for a reasonably long time in the event of loss of oil