Polytron MTC Boosts Performance and Mileage, Slashes Maintenance for 200-Cab Fleet

Polytron MTC Boosts Performance and Mileage, Slashes Maintenance for 200-Cab Fleet


Valley Cab Company, Los Angeles CA

Products Used

Polytron MTC (Metal Treatment Concentrate), Penetrating Lubricant, Ultra Performance grease and transmission fluid

The Challenge

The Valley Cab Company’s 200-vehicle fleet experienced serious maintenance problems, with an average of 13 cabs per day out of service for engine overhaul or replacement. These high-demand vehicles average 543 miles per day under severe driving conditions. Experiments with a half-dozen oil additives and treatments produced no improvement in compression, overall performance, and fuel consumption or down time. Several vehicles incurred clogged oil filters and increased build up during additive tests.

The Polytron Solution

Valley Cab tested Polytron products in nine problem-plagued vehicles. “To say the least, we are quite pleased with the results,” said Service Manager Richard Delgado. Average operating temperatures dropped by 20 degrees. Compression readings ranged from 149 to 154 (154 is equivalent to compression in a brand new engine). Drivers reported increased performance, improved power and better fuel efficiency.  Upon inspection, “Polytron-treated engines were found to be clean and had no buildup. They actually appeared to be polished,” Service Manager Delgado reported.

One cab lost all oil due to pan damage but continued to run so smoothly the driver was unaware of the loss.  After the oil-loss was discovered, no engine repair was required before returning the cab to service.

 As a result, Valley Cab now uses Polytron MTC in its entire fleet, and adopted Polytron penetrating lubricant, Ultra Performance grease and transmission fluid for fleet-wide deployment.

Customer Feedback

“Polytron is saving us significant time and money,” Delgado said. “I am confident we will exceed our objective of keeping engines in operation for many more years. This is a tribute to your products.”

Our Solutions
Polytron will significantly extend the life of your equipment and dramatically reduce operational costs and downtime.