Understanding how POLYTRON MTC works

Understanding how POLYTRON MTC works

Understanding how POLYTRON MTC works

POLYTRON MTC is a revolutionary lubricant at work every day in industrial, mining, agricultural, racing and military settings around the world -- virtually eliminating wear, lowering fuel and oil consumption, reducing noise, lowering operating temperatures, extending the life of field equipment – and saving you money.

Numerous documented field tests of used motor oil containing POLYTRON MTC show a 95 to 99 percent reduction in metal particles, corresponding with a 95 to 99 percent reduction in wear of lubricated parts.

How conventional lubricants work

Conventional lubricants maintain a high-strength film or introduce an EP (Extreme Pressure) protective deposit between moving mating friction surfaces to replace the oil layer “squeezed out” by the pressure during equipment operation. Unfortunately, this traditional lubrication technique provides only partial solution and does not prevent progressive wear and tear, resulting in deteriorating performance of equipment.

Understanding friction and wear

Under high magnification, mating friction surfaces present as microscopic 'mountains' and 'valleys' which penetrate the lubricant film, causing friction. As these “mountains” come into contact with each other, tiny metal particles break away -- what we perceive as 'wear.'

How Polytron MTC is different

POLYTRON MTC overcomes friction and wear in an entirely new way. Instead of relying on a lubricant film between mating friction surfaces, POLYTRON MTC uses a micro-metallurgical process to convert a thin top layer of original metal (only a few microns deep) into a much harder and smoother metallic layer.

Because active elements of Polytron MTC are polarized, when Polytron MTC is applied, they are attracted to the metal. Under heat and pressure these polarized elements bond metallurgically to the metal's crystal structure on its mating friction surfaces, creating the new layer. This stronger layer protects the “softer” metal underneath and extends the life of moving parts by a factor of 5 to 10.

The hard protective layer formed by POLYTRON MTC is thin and flexible (imagine a very thin sheet metal). As the 'softer' metal is pushed from below by the horizontal force during operational use, it comes up against this super-hard barrier, leveling out the 'mountains' and 'valleys.’  Specifically, the hard protective layer keeps the metal particles from breaking away during the collisions and pushes the metal on the “mountains” into the metal in the “valleys”. The resulting friction surface is flat, smooth and polished, with a much lower friction coefficient.

To sum up, the unique technology behind Polytron:

1. makes metal friction surfaces much harder, which results in elimination of wear 2. and much smoother, which results in much lower friction.

When added to grease, motor and transmission oils, POLYTRON MTC dramatically reduces wear of the mating friction surfaces in engines, transmissions or any equipment that requires lubrication to extend its useful life and minimize temperature. There are documented cases of the tough POLYTRON MTC anti-friction layer providing temporary protection after lubricant loss, allowing vehicles to be driven to repair facilities, for example.

The "polishing-smoothing" effect of POLYTRON MTC rejuvenates worn friction surfaces in older equipment too, allowing machinery to stay in the field far beyond anticipated life span with improved performance and lower fuel and oil consumption. 

All POLYTRON additive products contain POLYTRON MTC. They are 100% petroleum based and are compatible with all commercial lubricants in use today.  POLYTRON MTC additives are excellent moisture repellants and are proven effective in extreme conditions of moisture, abrasive dust and dirt, such as marine, factory, mining and agriculture settings.

POLYTRON MTC and our full line of additives result in tremendous savings from lower oil and fuel costs, reduced wear, lower maintenance costs and downtime, and much longer life span – a powerful plus for your capital budget. The increased reliability of equipment in the field also makes your workflow and project management smoother and more predictable.

Satisfied users from a wide range of industries around the world are delighted with the fantastic savings and increased operational efficiency they enjoy form POLYTRON MTC and additives.

Case Studies:

Major Singapore Deep Sea Exploration Ship Cuts Fuel Consumption by 10% with Polytron Products Polytron MTC Slashes Windmill Gearbox Temperature, Vibration and Noise for a Grain Company in India

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