Polytron MTC prevented expensive transmission replacement and downtime.

Polytron MTC prevented expensive transmission replacement and downtime.


Grigoris Janatos Landscaping Co., Greece

Equipment: Volvo dump truck model F16

Products Used

Polytron Metal Treatment Concentrate (MTC)

The Challenge

Almost all the manual transmission fluid leaked out by the time the truck reached the destination, without the driver being aware of the problem because the driver was using a freeway. At the end when the driver arrived at the destination and started to use the shift stick more often, based on the noise and stiffness of the stick, he became aware of the problem. When he checked the transmission fluid with the dip stick he realized there was almost no fluid in the transmission, and the remainder of the fluid was dark brown, indicating that the transmission overheated during the trip.

The Polytron Solution

Before taking it to a repair shop, at the advice of Polytron local distributor, Polytron MTC was applied to the transmission fluid. Within 2 km, after Polytron application, the noise in the transmission stopped. Shift stick became soft and very easy to operate.

Customer Feedback

Mr. Grigoris, the owner, stated, “About seven months later, the truck is still in good working condition. The saving of thousands of Euros on repairs and avoiding downtime, was god sent in a form of Polytron. Polytron is going to be part of our maintenance protocol”

Original supporting document is available upon request.

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