Large screw compressor was overheating and shutting off

Large screw compressor was overheating and shutting off


lectric Steel Casting Company, USA

Equipment: Large screw compressor

Products Used

Polytron Metal Treatment Concentrate (MTC)

The Challenge

The compressor oil in a PAC 250 screw compressor had running temperature of 192 0F and the air 240 0F and shutting of every hour and a half, although we used premium compressor oil of $16.5 a quart. Even after the compressor was serviced by a serviceman that gave it a bill of health it continued to overheat and shut down for about 15 minutes until cooled.

The Polytron Solution

The expensive compressor oil was drained and replaced with a blend of industrial mineral compressor oil (of only $3.5 a quart) with Polytron MTC (9% by volume). After few hours in operation, the temperature of the oil did not go higher than 160 0F (versus 192 0F before) and the temperature of the air did not go higher than 200 0F (versus 240 0F before). The compressor worked continuously without shutdowns.

Customer Feedback

“We have used Polytron Lubrication Technology in several applications in our company, with very impressive results, but solving the overheating problem in the main compressor was the most impressive one. We definitely will continue to use Polytron lubrication technology in every equipment that requires lubrication in our company. Thank you for introducing our company to Polytron products” said V.H. King, Vice President and CEO of the company.

Original supporting document is available upon request.

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