Dramatic increase in productivity of metal stamping machine

Dramatic increase in productivity of metal stamping machine


Tridonicatco Sdn Bhd., Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Equipment: 60 Ton metal stamping machine.

Products Used

Polytron Penetrating Lubricant (PL)

The Challenge

The lubricant used to stamp metal parts was white spirits oil. They could only stamp up to 50 pieces per hour using manual operation of the machine. Finished products had serious burr and to achieve production of 5000 pieces took at least a month.

The Polytron Solution

The while spirits oil was replaced with Polytron Penetrating Lubricant (PL). Polytron PL was sprayed on the die from time to time. After 50 metal pieces were stamped and inspected it was apparent that the parts had much less burr and of an acceptable quality. After this first trial the machine was put on automatic mode of operation with increased output speed. Within 2.5 hours, with Polytron PL sprayed on the die from time to time, the stamping machine produced 2,500 pieces.

Customer Feedback

“Currently with the die treated with Polytron PL, the stamping machine can produce 5,000 pcs a day of this part. We highly recommend this product for stamping application. We were really shocked in a good sense to see how this product transformed the productivity and the finish quality of the stamping machine” Said Mr. S. L. Loh, production manager of the company.

Original supporting document is available upon request.

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